Weber Spirit vs Genesis

Every year, the Weber’s offer gets changed, which means we are forced to update this article once in a while.

As of now, in the Weber’s offer you will find several interesting series of gas grills, including the two most popular ones, Spirit and Genesis.

We are perfectly aware of the differences between them but plenty of beginners might have a problem, which is why we have prepared a guide that explains this issue perfectly.

The key is being aware that both series of grills are phenomenal but when making a choice, you have to take into account how much money you are planning to spend on a new grill and what features you expect.


Both series have a few to about a dozen different configurations in their offer, out of which you can choose the one perfect for your situation.

Different models have been designed in order to meet different customer needs.

When taking an overall look at the Spirit and Genesis series, however, one can highlight several key differences. First and foremost, both series are designed for different types of customers, which makes them differ in price.

Spirit is a simple, efficient and solidly built grill for those less demanding. It lives up to expectations of most people in nearly every regard but it doesn’t have interesting features. The models in this series are smaller and have less burners (2 to 3). All of that makes it a cheaper grill, designed more for beginners or simply for those less demanding.

On the other hand, the Genesis series is also a solid, durable and efficient grill but this is actually a suggestion for those more demanding. First and foremost, these are bigger grills, they have 3 to 4 main burners. The Genesis series offers more interesting configurations when it comes to the size, choice of colors and additional features such as a sear or a side burner. It’s a suggestion for experienced people and those who value not only quality, but also functionality – the downside is a much higher price than in case of the Spirit series.

Key Similarities:

Below I present the key differences between both series, further in the article you can read more detailed comparisons.

  • Construction type (open/closed)
  • Number of main burners
  • Additional burners (sear and side burner)
  • Size
  • Attention to details
  • Folding side shelves (only the left one in case of Spirit II)
  • Better mobility thanks to four included wheels (only two in case of Spirit II)
  • Large difference in prices

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Weber Spirit vs Genesis – Face to Face Comparison

You have already initially learned the key differences between Spirit and Genesis, now is the time to take a closer look at them and understand so that you can make an informed choice of which series suits you best.


The difference in price between Spirit and Genesis is big, when it comes to certain models it can reach as high as 75-100%. Of course that depends on what you get in return, but in practice it looks like this:

Spirit is the cheapest series of gas grills from Weber and at the same time the best in the world when it comes to a solid starting grill at a reasonable price.

Genesis, on the other hand, is a series designed for those who value not only quality but also more room and functionality. The offer includes many more available configurations equipped with interesting features.

Construction type

In both cases there are two types of construction to choose from, open or closed.

Spirit I was available in a closed version, whereas Spirit II is actually an open version. When it comes to the Genesis series, the situation is similar and here you also have two versions available, open and closed.

When it comes to the style, this is a matter of preference, but in terms of practicality it is the closed version that allows to hide the gas tank and a few accessories behind a door. The key difference in both versions, however, is the price, an open construction is available at a lower price.


The Spirit series was designed for those who cook less, 1-2 people or a small family, which means that the target consumer is actually the majority of society. You only have two small models to choose from, Spirit E-210 and Spirit E-310, I recommend the former for 1-2 people whereas the latter if you cook for several people.

Genesis, on the other hand, is a suggestion for those who demand much more room. If you often throw parties or simply once in a while cook a whole lot of meat at the same time, it is better to consider buying a grill from the Genesis series.

Number of main burners

Spirit grills are available only in two versions, two or three main burners.

Genesis grills are usually available with 3 or 4 main burners, but there have been also bigger versions available, with up to 6 main burners.


A lot depends on the configuration when it comes to Genesis, whereas in case of Spirit II these are very simple grills without any interesting gadgets. In 2020 the Weber’s offer witnessed return of the older version Spirit I (closed construction) where you con choose a configuration with a side and a sear burner.

When it comes to Genesis, you have plenty of configurations to choose from, where the richest versions also have a sear and a side burner. The models equipped with additional burners significantly improve the grill’s functionality, but at the same time they cost much more.

On top of that, in both cases you can expect availability of large number of accessories sold separately.

iGrill 3

Spirit II and Genesis II are the latest options in both series that are compatible with iGrill 3. What is iGrill3? It’s a wireless thermometer that makes it possible to monitor the temperature inside the grill or meat on your phone’s screen.

All you have to do is install the app, then connect to iGrill 3 and you can start remote monitoring of temperature. The app in itself offers charts, preprogrammed settings and other interesting features.

Quality of workmanship

All grills from Weber are very well made as confirmed by numerous positive reviews from customers. It doesn’t matter what series, Weber always takes care of the highest workmanship level possible.

The difference between individual series mostly revolves around the size, features and finishings of minor elements.

When looking at Spirit II and Genesis, you will certainly notice the difference in the type of materials used to build and finish the grill. For example, check out the lid handle, a plastic one in Spirit II instead of a steel one like in Genesis II.

When it comes to durability, both materials work pretty well but in terms of aesthetics even high quality plastic isn’t a great solution.


Continuing the topic of quality of workmanship, a thought will certainly come to your mind, “what warranty does this grill have”.

This is where I will surprise you, currently both series are covered with 10 years of full warranty from Weber.

This only confirms my words that regardless of the finishings of minor elements, Weber always focuses on quality and durability. As a result, the Spirit and Genesis series are grills that were solidly built and can withstand many years.



In the conflict between Weber Spirit and Genesis, you have to think about what you really need in a new grill.

You want a low price and the best possible quality? Choose the Spirit series. If, on the other hand, you expect more room, burners or features, go for Genesis.

For us, the choice is simple and I hope that after reading this article you will not have any problem with that either. No matter what you choose, I am sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of workmanship and performance for your money.