The Best BBQ Sauce in the World


For over 30 years, CATTLEMEN’S barbecue sauces have been rubbed in, spread across and slapped on amazing barbecue in your favorite restaurants and have been the secret ingredient in scores of award-winning recipes. 

Now that same championship Cattlemen’s taste is available to you in three lip-smacking flavors at Wal-Mart Super Centers and Select Club Stores. 

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What makes Cattlemen's so special? 


We use bold, high quality ingredients for sauces that grab hold of meat to deliver a flavor that makes taste buds tingle. 

Whether you’re competing on the barbecue battlefield or grilling in your own backyard, Cattlemen’s sauces offer outstanding flavor that can satisfy your appetite for true, unbeatable barbecue taste. 

The secret is out, and the championship flavor of Cattlemen’s is now in your hands.

If you’re serious about barbeque, you need a sauce that stands up to world-class standards for flavor and performance. Such is the sauce from Cattlemen’s as evidenced by the very high positions in prestigious rankings for the best bbq sauces. 

That’s exactly what BBQ professionals have found in Cattlemen’s Sauces for over 50 years. Crafted from tomato paste for thick, rich consistency—with no artificial flavors, starches or fillers—Cattlemen’s BBQ Sauces create the bold flavors that bring patrons back for more. 

Whether you’re adding your own signature ingredients or using them straight from the bottle, Cattlemen’s Sauces open up brand new possibilities with BBQ.